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Sanduni Fernando

I am not sure whether you can achieve this with the storyline's built-in question bank functionality. When you lock a question it directs you to that questions irrespective of the answer. 

However if I would came across a similar scenario, I would use questions in a separate scenario (not a question bank) and use javascripts to make it a random quiz. Since you have the control on moving to different questions in this way, you can direct the use to intended next question in a linked scenario.

I have created a sample in the attached file. When you get Q1, if you answer correctly you can move to Q1.1 and then Q1.2. If not you can get another question randomly. Hope this is the pattern you want to achieve.

Publish this test file and see whether it achieves your requirement as javascripts are not working on preview mode.

Further you have to count the score percentage on your own with variables as you are skipping some questions for some users (if you pass a percentage).