Conditions & Triggers


I'm having challenge creating a condition for a course I'm creating.

I want to create a condition whereby no other user should be able to view a particular slide except users that click the last two options at the beginning of the course & passed on the first trial. Every other user irrespective should not see that particular slide. They can either re-run the course until they pass or continue to the end of the course.

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Robin Weggeman

Make a few boolean variables, set them 'false'.

Make a trigger in the parts that are mandatory, change the boolean variable into 'true', one by one, for every condition you want.

condition the secret slide with multiple 'AND' statements, if boolean 1 == true AND boolean 2- == true AND boolean 3 == true.

the slide won't show unless  ALL of the variables are 'TRUE'


Peter Chibueze

Okay, thank you Robin for this.

But what I did to solve this issue was to split the course into two different scenes, so one scene has the same questions with the secret slide included and the other doesn't. So depending on the option chosen by the user, he either goes straight to the second scene where if he passes on first try he sees the the secret slide and if he doesn't he goes back to the first scene & starts the course from beginning.