Good morning my fellow e-learning heroes!

I tried using the search feature in the forums, but it hasn't worked for some time.  I was looking for opinions on what conferences you all attend each year.   I'm trying to network and get some professional development.  I see E-Learning Heroes will be in Boston this year and I hope to attend that conference.  I look forward to hearing you input.  Thanks all.  

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Chris!

Yes, the forum search feature is broken for now, but the advice is to do a Google search. Seems to be pretty effective.

I've been focusing on the eLearning Guild conferences to get the most bang for my e-learning-centric buck (Learning Solutions, mLearn, DevLearn). I'd love to hit every e-learning conference from every organization in (literally) the whole world, but I'm not sure how productive I'd be if I was out of the office that much.

Chris Chagnon

Good morning Jackie,

I've been following your blog.  I hoping to find time this week to do the Weekly Challenge.  I like the Game Template you created.  I'm an associate member on the e-learning Guild and have found them to be a wonderful resource.  If you had to pick one of their conferences, which one would it be?  

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Chris,

That would be great if you could get in on the challenge! I'd love to see what you'd come up with. (And you're probably a Storyline guy, but I just posted a PowerPoint version if that's helpful.)

My go-to conference for the eLearning Guild is Learning Solutions, but that's largely because of its location in Florida. I'm in South Carolina and it's an easy drive from here. DevLearn seems to be many people's eLearning Guild conference of choice, but there's something to be said for the relaxing vibe of chatting with fellow conference-goers under the palm trees next to the pool between sessions at Learning Solutions. It's a great place to informally and happily network.

Wasn't crazy about mLearn last year because so many speakers in so many sessions wasted so much of our time telling us that we'd better wake up and pay attention to mobile learning, when we'd all just spent plenty of money and a week of our time to pay attention to mobile learning. Kinda hated the hotel venue in San Jose, too, since it made mixing and chatting really difficult. Looks like they've moved it to San Diego this year, and hopefully it's a better venue.

Have you got your eye on a particular conference this year, Chris?

Chris Chagnon

I'm planning on going to the Articulate E-learning Heroes Roadshow workshop event September 21 & 22.  I doubt my work will pay for it, but I'm going to try asking anyways.  If not I'll pay out of my own pocket and go at least a day.  I had Learning Solutions on my radar this year, but my work tends to send me every other year to a large conference.  So hopefully next year is an option.