Storyline 360 - Configuring Screen Capture Settings

Hi All,

Sorry if this has been a discussion before. I'm wondering if it's possible to tweak default recording settings, particularly for the Try Scene.

By default the Hint Caption shows up after a learner does something. It has an exit animation attached.

I'm working on building software simulations and I kind of like it where the Hint Caption layer is visible when the time line starts, has no exit animation and its visibility is locked on so you can see it from the base layer. 

I don't mind the current default, but if I need the sim to behave in the custom way I described, I need to do the same few steps on each slide. If there are a lot of slides, it can take a long time.

Is there a way to set default behaviors of the Try Scenes?


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Nicky Sauren


I see this discussion has been started about 2 years ago, but now, working with Storyline 360, I have the same question: has this feature been implemented in the meantime?

I would like to have the Hint Caption visible as long as the slide is open in 'Try mode', not only when hovering over the hotspot.

The only other option I see is adding a text field with instructions per slide and maybe even deactivating/deleting the Hint Caption.

Thanks in advance for updating me! :)