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Hello Everyone,

In my spare time, when I am not working or finishing my grad degree, I have been volunteering my time to create a training for a non-profit that builds schools in developing countries. They needed a training for their local office staff that would help them learn how to keep up with the organizations finances using Quickbooks online. All of the staff that will use the training are natives of the country they work in (Ghana, Cambodia, Nicaragua, etc.) but they are all fluent in English, so I did not have to create the training in different languages.

I prefer having some sound in my trainings but the client preferred to keep in silent (although I could probably convince them otherwise if we think that would make a big difference).

If you have time could you take a look at what I have so far, I am about 80-90% finished, and let me know what you think. This was supposed to be a quick training and has turned into a 6-month 130 slide project.

Thanks for any feedback!


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Nicole Legault

Hello Rob!

Thank you so much for sharing your project with the community for our feedback. Sounds like a really interesting and unique e-learning project that you got to work on, and great experience! 

I've had a look over it and wow! Very nice work!! 

Keeping in mind that you're looking for some constructive feedback, here are a few things I took note of as I was looking over your course:

  • When I click on the "Menu" tab in the top right of the player it is visually a bit messy. I would give each slide a proper, consistent and cohesive name in the menu. Right now things like "Untitled" and "Click" mean nothing to the learner and won't let them quickly find the slide they want or need if they try to access through the menu.
  • A lot of the text on the slides is big solid chunks of text, which is a bit intimidating. I would try to chunk out the text into more paragraphs. Get rid of the bullet, especially when there's only 1 bullet on the slide. 
  • I saw many slides that have both on-screen navigation buttons and navigation buttons in the Player. (For example: some slides have both a "Main Menu" button on the slide, and a "Prev" button in the player) I think it can sometimes lead to confusion for learners to have multiple navigation options on one slide, so I would drop the on screen navigation buttons and use only the Player buttons whenever possible. 

Overall - nice work! There's a lot of valuable content there, I can see why it took several months to get it together. Very colorful, and I like the fun menu. My feedback is only intended to be constructive and helpful, not critical, because I think it already is looking like a solid course. 

Thanks again for sharing Rob! Hope we hear from others in the community with their thoughts, and good luck wrapping up the project! 

Rob Morgan

Thanks Nicole.

I typically pull the menu off when I am done with the course since I usually have a menu built into the training. I had just forgotten to get around to it. I've updated that though.

I did notice the issue with the on screen and player nav as well. That is what I get for not using Master slides and only working on this during spare moments over a multi-month period. I went in and cleaned a lot of that up.

I had tried talking the client into dropping a lot of those text heavy slides and just leaving that material in a training guide available in resources but they thought it was important enough to put in the training. I did remove the bullets though and break the content up into a few different slides.


Nicole Legault

Good to hear - Rob! This non-profit org is lucky to have found a designer who really cares about delivering a quality final product.

I think getting a second (and third or fourth) set of eyes to review is such an important part of the e-learning design process. We often become "too close" to our own work, especially after weeks or months of staring at it, to really be impartial and (at least in my experience) the edits proposed by others usually ended up making my course even better! 

I really hope the feedback was helpful Again, awesome work pulling it all together and thanks for sharing with us :)