Content Library: Can you add a way to pull up a group of photos from same photo shoot?

As I am building training modules I often like to find photos of the same people from the same photo shoot as it can serve to tell a cohesive story. However, I am not aware of a way within the Content Library to pull up related images in a search.  Please advise if there is, or how might this feature be incorporated? Do others ask about this? I've added an example in the attachment for reference.

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Ray Cole

The much- (and, IMHO, unfairly-)maligned Microsoft Office online clip-art repository--now defunct, alas--had a great feature that no one else seems to have adopted: style numbers.

Each image had a style number associated with it. If you found an image in the database that you wanted to use, you could click it and a bunch of information would display, including the style number which was an active link. If you clicked the style number, you could see all the other images in the repository that had the same style number. This made it possible to populate your course with a set of images that looked totally unified--as if you'd hired a single artist to draw all of your course's illustrations (assuming you used only images that shared the same style number). 

Style numbers were most useful for illustrated images, but conceivably could be used to group images shot with a similar photographic style as well or photos featuring the same person or people.

The other feature I miss from the Microsoft library was that a huge amount of the illustrated images in the library were actually constructed of zillions of independent shapes grouped together. This meant that, not only could you identify a visually-unified set of images using style numbers, but if you couldn't locate the exact image you needed, you could easily combine elements from different images in the same set by ungrouping them and then recoloring individual elements or removing bits you didn't need. You could, for example, reposition the pupils in characters' eyes to get them to look at something specific. You could remove the tie from the "businessman" or combine a character from one image with a background from another. You could reposition arms, place props in characters' hands, and so on. The power and flexibility of this was enormous and is enormously missed by this ID.

I would love it if Articulate adopted some of these ideas in their stock asset library.