Content vs. Design

When you are designing a course or module around an existing curriculum, do you start with the design or the content? I find myself starting with the design and then seeing how the content will fit. Of course, from there, I make adjustments to both so thatI have one cohesive course but I'm just curious how others approach this first stage of course-building. 

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Rachel Barnum

Is the content already written?

Typically, when I write a course from content, I will put it in a storyboard and create wireframes in PowerPoint (never to be used again, simply quick visuals for the storyboard). If the course is really short, then I'll go ahead and start building it in Storyline, but it will be more like a prototype.

From there, I'll create and apply a "style guide" - colors, fonts, how the buttons should look, etc, and build out the course using that style guide.