Continue Button Flickers

Jul 23, 2019

Throughout the quiz, when a student answers a question the "Continue" button vibrates and flickers.  Very annoying and I can't figure out how to get it to stop.   Does anyone know how to correct this?

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Melanie Mornard

Hi Trina:  I've attached a Replay file of the flickering and the project file.

I'm also having another issue with this project.  I've created a feedback master, but when I try to use it the text will revert to the black rather than white and I can't change it on the slide.  The feedback master, however, looks good.

Jordan Ash

Hi Melanie,

I can't open your file but looking at your video I think I know what the issue is.

The flickering is happening because the hover state of the button is smaller than the normal state. This means that when you hover over the edge of the button the hover state will show and then your mouse will no longer be hovering over the button and so will then return to the normal state.

If you make the hover state the same size as the normal state this should fix the issue.

Melanie Mornard

OK, I now realize that when I developed these slides I did each feedback layer separately rather than with the feedback master (slow learner).  I'm now going into each slide and removing the additional states as I can't seem to get the normal state to match the others.  But now I'm finding that occasionally I'll have a feedback slide superimposed on the base layer in grey.  Can't seem to discover why.  The settings seem to be the same from slide to slide.

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