Continuously checking variable values to trigger action

Hi, while working I always see that each trigger is dependent on something happening. But this is the scenario I have:

One slide. 15 objects to select and deselect. I want to add 1 to a number variable (let's say counter) each time an object is selected/interacted with. When the value reaches a certain number (let's say 5) I trigger another action. Now how do I

  1. add a number to a variable each time an object is selected
  2. constantly monitor the value of that counter variable to trigger an action? 

I can of course add a trigger to all 15 objects so whenever any of the object is selected, it check whether the counter variable is 5 or not and then take the desired action. That means 15 triggers. 
Any ideas? Thanks

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Bianca Woods

Hi Minhaz,

Adding a trigger to each of the 15 objects you want learners to click is likely the most straightforward way to add a number to your variable each time one of those objects is selected.

The first image I've attached shows one way to set up your Adjust Variable trigger settings to do this. 

Once you've set up that first trigger, the rest are much faster to add. The second screenshot shows how this can work. Just copy and paste that first trigger, in your new trigger copy click the Object, and then choose the new object you want a trigger for. With this copy/paste method, it should only take a few seconds to create each additional trigger.