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Regina Stephens

Hi LO, 

I use the publish to Word feature frequently to create handouts. The caveat is that it only creates screen captures of each slide — you don't get the actual text.

There is another way to get the text out of a Storyline file:
Go to FILE > Translation > Export to Word. Do not select "Include original text column."

The Word document will be a table with all the text in the document (masters, layers, feedback, etc.). I used this feature to allow my SME to make major edits on several slides; she wanted to work with the text rather than marking up a hard copy or commenting in Review. 

The cool part is that if you keep the table and all the formatting, you can import it back into Storyline, with everything going back into the proper place and the formatting intact.

If you literally just need the text, it's easy enough to eliminate the ID tags and convert the table to text. 

Hope that helps.