Converting courses from Flash to Articulate Storyline 360

Hi All, 

I was recently hired as an ISD. I took an Articulate class several years ago - but never used it, so it is vaguely familiar. I conveyed that to the interviewers, and told them that I was more comfortable with Rise. Long story short, I am tasked to develop several courses in Storyline that look like the old Flash courses- using all of the previous images, audio content and and design characteristics, etc. I'm a newbie and SL is not difficult and pretty intuitive, but this is a big gulp for me to try and dissect a course. I would be more comfortable designing it new , but it has to look the same. Any advise on how to tackle this much appreciated.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Kai,

Have you checked out our Storyline tutorials? If not, I would start there. Once you're more comfortable with the tool, it sounds like you'll just need to go screen by screen and try your best to reproduce the look and feel that already exists. It sounds like there are a lot of courses, which can be overwhelming, but I would just take it piece by piece. You can do it! 

Judy Nollet

Hi, Kai,

I suggest you take a good look what you have to re-create. Then start in Storyline by developing a Set Up file that fills the basic needs for the courses. (You could create a .storytemplate file, but I think it's easier to just use a .story file.)

Here are some things to consider for the Set Up file:

  • Go to the Design tab, and adjust the Story Size, Colors, Fonts, etc.
  • Go to the View tab to access the Slide Master and the Feedback Master. Adjust those layouts as needed. (Tip: I like to delete the Rectangle shape in the Feedback Master, because that can't be moved when it appears in the slides. Instead, I fill the Text Box shapes with color. That way, I can move the Feedback so it doesn't cover the question.)
  • Adjust the Player as needed re: player colors and fonts, what Features to show or hide, whether to restrict the navigation, whether to lock the course at optimal size, etc.
  • Do the courses share a Glossary and/or Resources? Then add those to the Set Up file.
  • Are there any slides that appear in multiple courses? For example, in my Set Up files, I include an extra scene (which I call "Storage"). It contains a Help slide, which is accessed via the Player.
  • I also set up various types of quiz questions and a Results slide. The questions have fake content to start, but I do this because they also have special layouts (which, I'm sorry to say, usually don't work when created in the Master Quiz layout). I also make quite a few adjustments to the look of the Results slides. So when I'm preparing an actual course, I can simply duplicate the slides for the types of questions I need, and do minor tweaks to the Results slide. But I'm not starting from scratch.
  • If the courses use any similar interactions (e.g., the same type of tab interaction), create slides for those that will allow you fill in the actual content later.

After you've got your Set Up file done, do a Save As to create the separate courses you need to do. You still have to re-create course-specific content, but this should save some time.

Good luck!