converting recorded webinar to interactive elearning

I need to quickly convert a course that is currently a live, instructor-led webinar to an interactive elearning course. I have a recording of a recent session.

To capture the presentation content beyond what's on the slides, I'd like to convert the audio file to text.

Any advice on the easiest way to do that?

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Dave Goodman

There are many voice to text software on the marketplace. Before you begin, I would advise the following:

1. listen to the entire recording first

2. create a simple Word table doc and start to place what you heard from the recording and the actions/interaction. Jot them into the Word doc starting at the beginning - note the pace

3. note where the facilitator told a story, joke, made some references that you might mimic or include

4. note the questions asked and the answers - do you have access to the chat

5. determine what you will do that is different than the classroom and how you can create a better design and approach. Do not replicate what you hear.

6. Good webinars are dependent upon the facilitator and their style. You can't capture that.