Converting Video Content with additions


We currently have a video that teaches a process end to end.  It is in MP4 format and not in Storyline.  Part of the process has changed and the person who originally recorded it is not able to record the changed portion (thankfully it is at the END of the video!).

Does anyone have any creative ideas (or seen any great examples here) on how I could splice out the no longer relevant content and replace it with the new part and make it look great and flow nicely - most important of course is the flow?

We have access to Rise and Storyline, so either program would be fine to use.




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Chris Dale

You can certainly clip the end of the video in Storyline but that's about it. It's not designed for video editing. If you have a Mac you can use iMovie or if Windows you can download MovieMaker. These are both free apps you can use but if you have access to something like Premier Pro then even better. 

With any of these applications you can certainly clip and splice files together quite easily.