Cool New Sci-Fi Template - Nice Movement and layout

A sample screen.

Hey Folks,

I have created a pretty slick little template in version 2 of Storyline so that a larger audience can make use of it. Its not quite as robust as the last template I made in version 3 but I think you guys will like it. It has plenty of movement with nice layouts and graphics. I am thinking about developing a game to go along with the concept. I would be developing the game in version 2 also. Please let me know how you like this template or if there is something that can be improved. If there is any desire for the game I will consider developing it, but if not i will skip it. So, please let me know if you like this concept, etc. Thanks so much and keep on creating!!!

~ Mike


I have a series of these designs now. Here is one that is a template that looks like software. Its a free template as well. Click my name and download. Thanks!


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Allison LaMotte

Thanks for sharing this template, Mike! I'm sure the community will love this template. I did notice that not all the buttons are working (for example, the start button) and that sometimes there are multiple ways to navigate (for example on the menu page you can click on the buttons on the screen or on the next button) so I thought I'd point that out. :)

Michael Pereira

Hey allison,
This template is part of a larger training program that I am creating and most of it isn't hooked up to anything at all in the template for a couple reasons. First, I cannot load the actual content since its proprietary and second its a I figured folks would hook buttons and other things up to their own content as needed? If there is something specific that isn't working that you think should work in the template please point that out and I will try to fix it, or if you have a suggestion on how you think it should work in a template that will be reused in hundreds of different ways, send it over and I will try to make that edit.

Also, as I mentioned, this is part of a series I am working on so I have uploaded another piece that I think is probably the most useful thing I have uploaded so far. Its a nice template that emulates a piece of software. Has plenty of sound, graphics, etc. But I think the best thing about it is that it can serve as a central point that manages many training modules, etc. I know many folks will probably use it as is in a way, but I think that many others will take it in different directions and do some cool stuff with it too. Its here if anyone wants to see it.

I will look at this source file and see if I can add any fixes, etc. In the meantime, please send me any specific requests and I will attempt to make them. Thanks.


Michael Pereira

Hahahaa...I am as well! Check out this new template I made! You will probably dig the look and feel and I think its way more useful than some of these others I have done. Thanks again!