Copyright question when copying someone's work

Feb 13, 2020

I'm planning to create a tutorial about citing resources to serve students in our university. I found a very good tutorial from another university who used Storyline 360 as well. I want to use its outline and most of its content, but a different design in SL 360. The citation knowledge is the same in many other sources, because like APA, MLA, or Chicago has its standard definition.

How should I properly use someone's tutorial in my tutorial? Or if you have suggestions on creating tutorials about similar types of knowledge, please share with me! Thank you very much!

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Julia Koller

Hi Lin, the answer is that in the U.S. you cannot legally copy the work of someone else without their permission. You can reference bits and pieces, but changing the look alone would not be enough to avoid a potential legal situation. I'm not sure about international law.

All the way around though, I would reach out to the course creator and explain why you like their work, and how you'd like to use it. I rarely run into negative answers when I take that approach and it's also a good way to build a professional and collegial network. 

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