Copyright using Youtube

Hello everyone.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using Youtube videos in their e-Learning courses and the copyright laws associated with it.  There are a couple videos I would like to rip using and then embed them as FLV into my course.  My course will be used for commercial use.

Is everything on Youtube free to use?  I cant seem to find a clear answer.


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Dave Newgass


i have ask a similar question awhile ago (although not here I don't think).  The answer i got was change it enough to where it's not an exact match (i.e. add intro/outro, change lenght, etc).

That didn't inspire confidence on the use.....I will keep an eye on this post as I still look for a answer.

Good luck,


James Brown

If you only link to them it's ok. You cannot officially download and use them. However I'm starting to see a pay for video appear on some Youtube Videos which means you may purchase the video however that brings up the thought is it a personal use license or are you allowed to use it in a commercial product. My thought is the later so beware. Just read the fine print.