Copyright using Youtube

Hello everyone.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using Youtube videos in their e-Learning courses and the copyright laws associated with it.  There are a couple videos I would like to rip using and then embed them as FLV into my course.  My course will be used for commercial use.

Is everything on Youtube free to use?  I cant seem to find a clear answer.


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Dave Newgass


i have ask a similar question awhile ago (although not here I don't think).  The answer i got was change it enough to where it's not an exact match (i.e. add intro/outro, change lenght, etc).

That didn't inspire confidence on the use.....I will keep an eye on this post as I still look for a answer.

Good luck,


James Brown

If you only link to them it's ok. You cannot officially download and use them. However I'm starting to see a pay for video appear on some Youtube Videos which means you may purchase the video however that brings up the thought is it a personal use license or are you allowed to use it in a commercial product. My thought is the later so beware. Just read the fine print.

Tom Kuhlmann

You can use the embed code they provide and insert via web object since it's just pulling from the web.  I wouldn't rip a video and insert, especially for a commercial product. 

I did see earlier this week that Youtube is going with a creative commons license, so posted videos may be available via CC.