Cornerstone query for regarding restricting attempts on SCORM quizzes

Hi heroes,

I have a problem that I would love some help with quite urgently. We are building courses for a client who uses a different LMS to our own, they use Cornerstone on Demand and we use Moodle. 

For their pre-assessments they want a participant to only take the assessment once, no matter whether they pass or not. We have told them that Articulate and SCORM cannot set that restriction, only your LMS does and our LMS (Moodle) does so beautifully. 

They have come back and said their LMS doesn't have this functionality. Since I do not have Cornerstone, or even one set to their specifications I can't test this myself.

So I'm hoping the Articulate community might have some general info on this LMS. Can you set it so a package can only be attempted once and if a participant tries to redo the assessment, that Cornerstone stops them or locks the attempt?



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Franziska Hensel

Hi Bob,

My understanding is that the results are submitted to their LMS. All the other courses we are building for them require this option.

I was reading through some of the Cornerstone forums and a thought that occurred to me, is to change the status from Completed/Incomplete which we are currently using at their request to something like Passed/Failed because Cornerstone will hide the course if it is failed, meaning a student cannot attempt it again.

I have no idea if this works though.