Cornerstone vs. Saba

Hi Everyone!

We are starting to (finally) get momentum in exploring one LMS system for our entire company.  Since we moved to Workday last year, we feel its important to have an integration with that system so we are down to Saba and Cornerstone.   

To give background: current state is using one outside vendor for compliance/regulatory training, using SharePoint 2010 for in-house built courses (articulate and camtastia courses) but that system has a limited reach in terms of audience (for example,  an hourly associate without a company email address will not have access to it).

Key issues for me from the talent development standpoint are:

  • ease of implementation (I don't want heavy IT involvement if possible)
  • ease of maintenance since my team is small (2 full-time people for 31K associates!)
  • ease of access and use for front-line, hourly associates

Do any of you have experience working with these platforms? I'd love your thoughts on the system (good and bad), as well as the companies themselves.  Thanks!

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