Cost to develop microlearning?

We are starting to consider adding microlearning to our training offerings.

We are comfortable estimating how much it would cost us to develop an elearning course with a vendor but not with microlearning so we are hoping you can help.

How long are microlearning courses? How much does a vendor charge to develop one? How long does it take to develop?

I know this varies wildly from vendor to vendor but we are looking to get a general idea.

Thanks in advance.

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Phil Mayor

My typical calculation for cost for learning is 1 hr for every minute of seat time. For Microlearning this has an adjustment, for any learning under 8 minutes it is 3hrs + 1 hour for each minute for the first project.

Subsequent projects in the same series revert back to my first calculation.

This balances out the economies of scale for larger projects where the setting up of a project is often the most complicated part.

James Lavis

Phil has the cost calculation covered, here's my two cents on the theory. Focus on a vendor that develops according to a model. Micro-learning has become a horrific buzzword for short sequences of content. Here's the real deal.

A model like Kolb's ELT runs through a learning cycle. Great model to use for micro-learns and larger sequential projects. Secondly, content should be cognitively packaged. IMO, not everything can be put into a micro-format. Micro-learning essentially becomes logical pairings of content that experience a learning cycle, without fluff. It really is the lowest a piece of content can be reduced to, adhering to a learning model while still accomplishing the learning objective(s).