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David Anderson

This is really great, Christoph!

We have a JavaScript challenge going this week where we're asking JavaScript users to screencast a tutorial on how to use JavaScript in Storyline.

So if you're up for doing even more work <grin> I'd like to invite you to share a quick screencast on how you set up your counter.

Here's the challenge: https://community.articulate.com/articles/how-to-use-javascript-in-articulate-storyline

We also have an e-learning challenge from two weeks ago where we asked users to share examples: https://community.articulate.com/articles/using-javascript-and-articulate-storyline Whether you're up for recording a screencast or not, I'd recommend you share your example in this challenge so we can feature your work in the recap: https://community.articulate.com/articles/javascript-and-articulate-storyline

Lizzie Wakefield

Hi Christopher - or anyone else who might have the answer.

I have applied your timer to a project I am working on at the moment - placing it in the Master slide so that it will appear on all slides. I have got it all working.

But when I publish and host on AmazonS3 it only works if I use the story_html5 file. If I try to use the normal html file it doesn't work at all.

I thought that I should be using the html file and then the browser selects from there if it wants to use the html5 file - am I wrong on this.

I don't know what kind of problems it might cause if I send out a link to the html5 file - it will be going out to a lot of users and don't want to cause any issues.

Lizzie Wakefield

Hi that is very nice of you but I can't share the file as it is for a client project.

I went back and looked at whether it was totally unlocked in Amazon and it wasn't - so it will automatically switch from the html to html5 depending on what the browser requires - but the timer is still not working in the html version when I test it on Edge.

I tried your one in HTML on Edge and it seems to work fine

Lizzie Wakefield

Hey - thanks for the help

I am using SL2

I don't think it is an AmazonS3 issue - after posting the original question I tested the files from my computer and the same thing happens. The HTML5 file timer works and the HTML one does not.

Both HTML and HTML5 work fine in your file.

How would I check the browser console for an error?