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Hey fellow articulators!

I have a dillema and I thought maybe someone had come across something similar. We are trying to create a course (with seven modules) that can run on a server but still track completion of a course easily.

I thought about doing a survey as a web object as mentioned in another forum but this won't track for the student what they have completed and the organisations will need to pay for the survey?

Anyone know of a way for Articulate to be hosted on a server and  

  • track who is completing what modules
  • how much they have completed (for the student)
  • how much has been completed (for the trainer)

It's complicated as they don't have a learning management so they want to run it on a server and track cheaply. I suggested they use Articulate online but they want other options. Any ideas??? I'm really stuck???

Thanks in advance!


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David Anderson

Hi Kat -

Moodle could be another option. Studio '09 tracks nicely within Moodle and if you're only concerned with the tracking options, you wouldn't have to worry about doing any significant customizations to the Moodle theme as much as integrating the course and populating with learners.

I can't tell you exactly what's involved but we have some folks in the community who should be able to help you out. Most web hosts (godaddy, dreamhost, etc) have one-click installs of Moodle so that part is straightforward.

Joe Deegan

Hi Kat,

That's a common dilemma usually solved by an LMS or something like Articulate Online.  I definitely recommend looking into Moodle as a solution.  You can sign up with a web host, and a lot of them will have an option usually called a "One Click Install" that will install Moodle for you. I use DreamHost and they work great with Moodle, GoDaddy not so much.  Then you will have Moodle up and running so you will just need to setup your course content and anything else you want to use on the site.   There's a bit of a learning curve with Moodle but like Articulate, Moodle has a good community so you should have no problem finding the answers to your probs at

It can be a little overwhelming so let me know if you have any questions by sending me a message or posting here.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Jacquelyn and welcome to Heroes! Here's what Articulate Online can currently track:

1. The number of slides viewed in a presentation.

2. A specific quiz in a presentation.

3. A specific survey in a presentation.

4. A standalone quiz or survey.

5. A standalone interaction.

When a user achieves the objectives of the quiz, interaction or number of slides viewed, it is considered complete.