Course completion and LMS

Hi all,

I have a course with 90 slides and free navigation menu, however a few of the people are saying that they completed the course but it still showing as not complete in the LMS.

I have made the course completion as having viewed all the 90 slides.

Will storyline come with a feature such as built in progress bar, or perhaps even a message that pops up saying they have slides that need to be viewed to complete the course.


Our users are in the healthcare industry and many of them have never taken online courses so any visual cue like a progress bar or a text reminder would be nice to have in storyline 2.


In the meantime, how can I solve this issue and make sure in the future I can get all the users to complete the course.

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Jennifer Thompson

I'm currently running into the same issue with my LMS. I have students who are on the last page of the course, I have validated by logging in as them, have completed the quiz and yet my LMS won't show they are complete.

I've tried re-publishing from Storyline 2 and changing it to be "track using number of slides viewed" and less than the final page. I still can't get the LMS to register complete on it's own.

Other suggestions?

Bob S

Jennifer, This is a pretty common issue so you are in good company at least! :)

Couple of other things to check....

There are four pairs of values inside the SCORM protocol that can be used to send that status; there may be a mismatch between your LMS and what the course is sending. For example, your course may sending pass/fail while your LMS is looking for complete/incomplete. Check LMS docs to see which pair it likes, and check course publishing settings.

Another common issue, some LMSs do not support mastery_score SCORM value. So if a course is set to report a score using that value as a means to register completion in the system, no dice.

Again, default slide timing can cause this issue with a particular slide not registering complete if the learner leaves it without letting it run it's full duration. Note: This can happen if they skip ahead in the slide timeline as well.  This is one reason some developers avoid using slide count as a completion criteria and instead go with a key slide or quiz-type criteria.


There are some other causes, but the three above are some of the most common ones. Hope this helps and good luck!

Jennifer Thompson

Thanks everyone! All your thoughts got me thinking. My LMS does recognize, Complete/ Incomplete and Pass/Fail. One of my issues was I am not the original designer of the course, she is on vacation so I was doing troubleshooting.

After reading your ideas, trying them all and then throwing in the towel I went back in. This course has two versions, New Hire and Tenured employees. The course not scoring was the copy made for New Hire. The course was set up to score on the results page. After seeing that I went to work there. Turns out the New Hire version, which was the copy version, was still asking for scores from the questions in the original course. All I did was un-select the original questions and select the questions meant for the NH course. Re-published and that was all. It was easier than my brain made it out to be.

I appreciate all your help on this. It was after I read the emails that my brain could get around this.