Course Completion in Moodle

Hi, I was hoping I wouldn't have to ask here but I'm getting no response from my LMS admin team :-(

I have a course, written in SL2.  The first scene is just a lesson, the second seen is made of quiz slides and the Results slide has a pass score of 90%.  I have Published it using tracking LMS Reporting set to  Passed/Incomplete. Uploaded to Moodle as SCORM Package.  Lesson works ok and so to the quiz slides.

I can't figure out and can't get response from my site admins :-(  as to what Moodle settings I need to use so that the Course Completion report works. I've tried all sorts but all I get when I look at the Moodle report is that the "activity" was completed, but it's not showing the Course as complete ... and therefore no completion date.

Attached a couple a jpg files of Moodle screens.

Thank you.

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Mike Stewart

Ah!  This Moodle's "Course Completion" status is not immediately updated ... on the system I'm using, it's updated at 2:02am by a cron job. I don't think it runs every day though.

I'd noticed that the report was showing completions when I looked at it the following day, then I examined Moodle's log file and found "Admin user", "cli" entries for 2:02am.

Site support team have still not got back to me either!

Mike Stewart

Yes Phil, more often would be better.

I would have expected the site support team to tell me that it's updated nightly ... well over a month has gone by since I submitted my support request and I received no useful information from them, just a few "try this setting, try that setting", none of which made any difference of course.  Maybe they don't know about the cron job.  I don't have access to be able to manually run a cron job.