Course Conversion from PowerPoint to e-Learning Rate/Slide

Mar 29, 2012

Hi folks,

            Do anybody have idea about what can be charged for converting power-point to e-learning per slide. A client just give me 25slides of traditional power point presentation for classroom to convert to rapid e-learning with audio and interactivity. I need idea what I can bill him. Thanks very much!

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Saenna B Ahman

Hi Showemimo, I think it realy depends. Rate per slide can be very high or very low, depending on what';s on the slide

How much interactivity will you be adding? Do you have a detailed project plan that will help guide your priorities and time? Also what is the nature of that interactivity; can you do it with a few ENgage interactions or are you going to need to build something more complex?

If you haven't done so already, I  would first have a conversation with your client about exactly what they expect, so that you can estimate how much time you will need to invest. Then decide on your hourly rate and create a proposal from that. In my company we have paid contractors as little as $20/hr for simple powerpoint to flash conversion work when there was little expected of the contractor except for  publishing/proofing. We have also paid upwards of $75/hr for design work and more interactive course dewelopment.

You might get some good info from this thread also ->

Adebare Showemmo

Dear Seanna,

                        Thank you for your insightful comment and the link ( a similar thread in the forum.

               I will try looking at the number of hours that will take to convert the 25slides and use that as basis for the next project by taking the average per hour.

         Thanks very much

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