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Jul 17, 2016

Hi All 

I have been using Articulate for about 8 months, and keep coming up with the same problem. "how do i take a course that is legally bound to tell students certain information, this information that has in most cases almost 500 slides and would be delivered over 4 days by a trainer and still make it interesting"   

Please Help with Ideas I am so stuck on this..



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Christine Hounsham

Hi Mark, Do you have to tell them all of the Information?  Or is it ok to sometimes ask the right questions so they can find/advise some of that info?  Not sure, suppose it depends on the legal requirements in your area.

You are so right, it is such a tricky thing to order, structure, condense, storyboard, and work out assessments and interaction when there is a huge amount of content.  My only suggestion would be to use a range of materials (ie short lecturer style videos talking to camera, slides, interactions, assessments and tasks, resources, etc).

Where I am we have to map how we provided information - but that can be instructor-led, student-driven or peer to peer learning.  

Good luck. Christine

Bob S


Regulatory requirements can be tough, but you may have more leeway than you realize...

For many industries, while they require the information be shared, they do NOT state how or in what format. Could it be videos?  Could it be attached reference docs?

Also, many regulators do not actually require certain info be shared at all.... only that learners understand it.  This leaves open the possibility for things like "test out" for certain topics.

Finally, what I've often seen is that internal Governance/Risk teams impose more stringent "rules' on what actually has to be included than the actual regulators themselves. Challenging those internal barriers can be difficult, but you might want to ask if they can provide a copy of previous external regulatory audits (training portions only) or a copy of the relevant handbook/standards the regulators will be auditing against.  For these rule followers this can be a powerful argument in your favor.

Bottom line.... you will want to challenge the status quo and default assumptions BEFORE you roll over and  try to include 500 slides of content people assume has to be there.  My experience tells me those assumptions are often not correct... even when made by people who should know better but often just toss in the kitchen sink to mitigate risk.

What truly lowers risk.... being able to say we showed 500 slides to everybody? Or being able to know our learners were able to focus on what really mattered and can act in accordance with our values and the regulations?

Good luck!

Mark Otley

Thank you

Christine/Bod that has helped a great deal...I deliver Food Safety and Health & Safety courses that are very much legislation led. But as you mentioned Bob there is a requirement to get over certain information not always in the form of 500 slides.. Sometimes its hard to get what the client wants and the needs of awarding bodies without defaulting to the old PowerPoint ways of thinking... However after your replies I have had a spark of an Idea and how to deliver it Thank you...

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