Course Design Help!?!?!

Dec 13, 2011

My company LOVES "From - Tos" and I am looking for a better way to present the information...maybe more interactive?


"Managing Funds" when FROM "Managed at VP Level" TO "Managed at Checkbook Planning Account Portfolio"


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Paul Brennan

OK - not much to go on there.  Sounds like pretty linear, compliance-flavoured corporate-jargon filled stuff though.  Here's my first partially sighted pitch.

Give the learner access to resources (intranet site, job aid, iOS app, Attachment, whatever) and then place them in a realistic business situation(s) where they need to make judgement calls/give advice etc.  These Resources could be used post-training as job aids - so it's not wasted effort. 

You could rig it up as a branching scenario with multiple branched outcomes.  If tracking's a requirement, Quizmaker's a possibility and that would give you conditional branching too - otherwise regular hyperlinking to tell the 'story' or play out the scenario.  Video might be nice too - although that may give you more headaches (scripting, casting, recording, editing) to lift it away from the click-read-click-thud (sound of head hitting desk) pattern that a lot of this kind of stuff falls into.

It's application of the same key learning principles - but instead of a pure knowledge dump and recall/comprehension, you get the learners to apply/analyse.  Benny Bloom would be happy anyway

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