Course Design Help Needed Please

I'm redesigning a course I did in 2010. The course focus is on educating new sales employees about our competition. I created an animated news show like CNN using Xtranormal. The couse consists of 3 reports on various competitors breaking down their strengths, weaknesses and how we can compete against them. After each segment the student completes a 3-5 question review (Quizmaker). 

I would like the redesign to include more student engagement (more than reviews). The current course is 10-15 minutes long. I am thiking some kind of game or adventure like hunting down our competition or something or possibly staying with the news show format. Anyway, this forum is great for aiding in brainstorming so I thought I would seek the input of the most creative people I know!

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David Steffek

What about a TV game show format? I'm thinking of those game shows from the 70's where the celebrities would trade banter back and forth. Or even a Dating Game or Newlywed Game type show.

You could have the stage with the host and the contestants, who are reps from each of the competive companies. The host asks a question, and then each contestant answers for their company. You could even build in your own brand-awareness by having the learner be a contestant for your company, where they would need to state how your company is positioned against the competition.

If going with the Dating Game theme, you could have the bachelor/ette be the customer choosing which company they want to go with.

And being a send-up to 70's game shows, of course you would want to really ramp up the camp factor. Could be lots of cheesy fun! And lots of paisley and plaid.  

Marty King

David, I have thought about a game show. I considered a Jeopardy format. I'm also considering an adventure theme like James Bond. I might create a dossier for each competitor and include some pictures and possibly add a video and some audio about the company. My  manager is real consider about what he calls the "corny factor" so I have to be careful about what images I use.

James Brown

One person actually did something similar to this using a baseball analysis with the two companies (your competition) and your company facing off in the world series. I could also see this used in a super bowl format. Basically you are pitting your team against the competition. One more idea would be a boxing match where you are using tactics to land punches to knock the opponent out.