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Nov 30, 2011

Hi Everyone

I would like to what is a good length for a Online Course? It is 3 modules and normally with a face to face session I do it in one day. I know it is all depended on how much material but what is good estimate? 7 days, 10 days?



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Zara Ogden

WOW 7-10 days is scary. Sorry for the blunt honest truth.

I am in the process (long and painful as it may be) of converting a one week program into 2.5 - 3 day of eLearning. My rule is that no module can be longer than 30 minutes unless there are special circumstances.

The trick is to break down the material into logical and fluid manageable chunks. I may have a 3 hour in class module but in eLearning I change that one module into 3 - 5 modules. I like to think of a program like a college program. You have to get x number of credits to pass. Each credit is further broken down into modules. you have to complete all the modules to get that credit.

So far in my experience I am finding I can greatly reduce the learning time with eLearning apposed to in class.

I would try to keep the program no more than 1 day. Even try to shorten it to a half day. You'll keep your client very happy by doing so.

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