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Not strictly a course building question but I need some inspiration please.

I need to create a course on the very unexciting topic of Anti-Bribery.  Basically advising our learners what constitutes bribery and what they need to consider when working with external parties in relation to contract wording, pre-contractual checks, gifts, registers etc.

Any ideas how to bring this topic to life throughout the e-learning?  A theme or setting perhaps?


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sally!

I feel like anti-bribery could actually be a really cool topic if you did a scenario-based course.

Here are some resources for creating scenarios to help you get started:

I hope that's helpful! :)

Nancy Woinoski

I like the idea of flipping the training around to show it from the perspective of the one who bribes but I don't think most organizations would be keen on developing a "how to guide" for getting around their safeguards. If you think you might want to take this approach, I would suggest running the concept by your main stakeholders before investing too much design effort.


Bob S

Hi Sally,

Not sure this applies directly, but back in the day we had to deliver anti-money laundering/terrorist financing training in an engaging way that also met the regulators guidelines. They were not keen on full-blown scenarios that played out to the end.  So where we landed...

We introduced a panel of four "expert" co-workers/supervisors avatars. When a potential flag occurred, the leaner could click on any of the four to get advice, some good and some not so good.

What made this work so effectively is that each of the four were consistent in their approach. For example: Expert 2 character always came down on the side of making it hassle-free for the customer even if that meant violating key regulations.  So learners quickly learned to avoid the rule-bending approach, the hard-core rules lawyer approach, etc and to follow the more professional but fully compliant approach/character.

To bring this back to your situation...  I mention this because perhaps you need to teach your folks not only what to avoid, but also how to avoid and respond appropriately.  Having a character model that correctly can be useful.

Hope this helps,