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Oct 17, 2011


I am trying to build a course that directs a user by every time they complete a section they "unlock" the next section. But when they reach the end I want them to be able to go through the course freely and not arrive back at the beginning where it says all the sections are locked. Is there an option to only view a slide once? Or a way where I can have them arrive to a different slide that shows them all unlocked in replacement of the slide that only has one the second time around?  Or does anyone have any other ideas on how to solve this dilemma?

Thank you!


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Kevin Dowd

Some raw thoughts here:

If you hide the navigation panel, they won't be able to navigate ahead except for where you provide them the opportunity.  When you want them to review, allow them to go back to new slides, that look like the old but have hyperlinks to the other sections.

This would require a lot of branching and could get real confusing (for you the designer) real fast, but I think it will serve your desired functionality well and will appear seamless to the user.

Natalia Mueller

Are you talking about 2 separate visits to the training? Example- on the first pass they learn the material and unlock each level, but can return to view an unlocked version to use as a resource.

From the first menu have a button for First Time Viewers and another for Returning Guests 

Then you can choose how you want it set up. Once you have created all of the slides and added any links/branching for the locked version, copy/paste the whole set of slides and remove any "locked" elements. Link that set up to the Returning Guests button.

Yes, they could potentially choose the Returning Guest button from the get go. I've found they don't actually do that very often, though, since they don't know in advance what the difference is. 

Kate Leifheit

Thank you all for your ideas. I think the only way I could figure out doing it was to copy and paste the slides again so that once the user completes the course they would click back on what would be a duplicate of a familiar slide, but really a new set of slides that shows that everything is done. I appreciate all your help!


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