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Apologies if this should be posted in Storyline rather than Building Better Courses.

I have built a course with Storyline 2. I have MC and DnD questions that provide information, using layers, depending on the answer selected. Every slide has a next and prev button. The course is designed with the 'next' button working as the main button. If someone gets the right answer, they click next to close that layer and move onto the next slide. If someone gets the wrong answer, they click next and are taken back to the MC or DnD to try again. 

From testing with users, they want to use the prev button when they get an answer wrong, rather than the next button. I've clarified in the introduction that the next button should always be used unless they want to go back to the previous slide. I don't mention layers in the introduction, but do I need to or is that more information than the user needs?


I'm also struggling with the issue of letting people go back to redo the MC and DnD. If they do decide to use the prev button properly to go back to an early slide and interactivity, but then change their mind, I want them to be able to have the option to click next without having to go through each interactivity again, but also to see all the right and wrong options if they do want to redo the interactivity. The course currently uses variables on the 'correct answer' layer to decide if the next button advances to the next slide or not. The problem is that this means that if they're going through the course a second time, the user can select the wrong answer, hit next, and it will advance them as if they had selected the right answer.

What are peoples thoughts on having a button that appears the second time through that is a fast forward button and lets them get through slides without having to redo all the interactivities? Or a trigger that resets the variables on a slide if it is being visited for a second time but there's also a fast forward button so they can just move ahead?

Or can I just use the menu option on the side with restricted navigation the first time through?



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Nicole Legault

Hi Brian - 

A few things. I don't think you need to explain layers to the learners. They don't need to know that and I don't think it will help. I can understand how they would think a Prev button would be better than a Next button for going BACK to the question; For them it might feel like they are indeed going back to a previous slide. But again I dont think you need to explain layers, perhaps you can just the Prev button instead of the Next button on those slides? Or get rid of the buttons in the Player Navigation altogether and put a custom button directly on the slide that says "Go back to Question" to make it as clear as possible. 

In terms of your second question - did you know that you can set a slide and a layer so that when you revisit it a second time it resets from where you left off? This means you dont have to watch all the animations and everything appear, it just looks how you left it. It's done under the Slide Properties, which is the little widget icon located next to each slide layer. Might this help? Or, you can somehow disable the questions when you go through a second time, by using variables and the Disable state... 

Hope this helps a bit...

Brian McCann

Thanks, Nicole. I was trying to use the player buttons so I don't lose screen space, but I may go that route.

I am familiar with the option to have a slide set so that it appears the way the user left it. But the problem then is the animations are already done and the variables have already been set that I use to trigger them being able to go forward with the click of the next button. 

I'm not familiar with the Disable state. I'll have to read up more on that. Thanks for the suggestions!