Course results not recording

Hey Guys,

I have a rather unique problem with the recording of a course. My LMS records the score of a user, but doesn't set it to passed or incomplete as set up in Storyline. Instead it sets it to 'in progress'. However, the history in the LMS records the correct score, but for some reason doesn't set it to completed. 

Support from the LMS suggests that it's an issue with Storyline. I have checked everything I could possibly check, but the behavior doesn't make any sense to me. 

Attached is the SL2 file. Does anybody know what could cause the problem and if anything is set up wrong? 

Cheers, Niels

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Nicole Legault

Hi Niels, 

Thanks for posting your question here and quite sorry to hear you've run into this issue when publishing your course to your LMS.

You probably want to check out this article: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS With SCORM Cloud.

This article provides you with the steps for how you can upload your course to SCORM Cloud, which is free, where you can test your course and see if the issue  with the passing score occurs there. If the problem does NOT occur in SCORM Cloud, the issue would lie within your LMS. If the issue DOES occur in SCORM Cloud, it's likely the issue is on the authoring side of things and in that case I would suggest you submit a support case so our tech support folks can take a closer look at what's happening there!

Hope this helps you out! :)