Course structure for required and optional courses

I have an introduction chapter, which is required. Once the learner completes the introduction, they have a choice of 5 different chapters which they may take at random (none are required, all are optional). I have my Storyline set up like a downward-pointing fork, with the introduction as the 'handle' and the last page of the introduction has  menu buttons to go to the 5 chapters. When the learner completes the introduction, then saves and goes back later, how can I have them go straight to the menu page?

Or, would it be better to set this up with a menu on the first slide, and the buttons for the 5 chapters are "hidden" until the learner hits the last slide of the introduction? Then every time they log in they hit the first slide first, and can go from there?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Lisa,

Are you using an LMS which allows you to bookmark your courses? Or are you simply using the default bookmarking feature in Storyline? If you're using the bookmark feature in Storyline you can disable it so your course will never be bookmarked for the learner so when they leave and come back to it it always starts from the first slide. To remove the bookmarking go into your Player Properties and to the Others tab. Under the Resume section change the drop down menu item to "Never Resume"

If you do this you can use either of the methods you describe above (they have to go through it all in order, or they can start from a menu and go through them in any order they want) and when the learner comes back it will always restart from the first slide. I would probably tend to be in favour of letting the learner explore the content in the order they want. Also if you do it this way, if they leave the course and come back they dont have to sit through and rewatch some parts they've already seen to reach the end. Hopefully this helps :)