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Wendy Farmer

Hi Hayley

you could try uploading to ScormCloud to see if it completes there.  You can then take the logs to your LMS provider and work through with them why it's not completing on Enable. 

Also here is a link to troubleshooting LMS issues.


Check in your publishing options > LMS > Reporting and tracking to make sure you have the right combo selected for your LMS

Robin Bowles

We had this issue and it ended up being tied to the tracking function in publishing.  When you publish in Articulate Storyline, there is a reporting/tracking button.  If you click it, in the menu on the left, click tracking.  You can indicate the # of slides to be reviewed for a course to be considered complete.  We put exit and review buttons on the last slide of a module and instruct users to click the exit button to exit the course (using a trigger).  If they don't review all of the slides, the course will not report as complete.  There is another option if you have a "results" slide for tests, but from what I see in your question, that's not your issue.  The above solution offered could also, in tandem, have something to do with what's happening.  We set our modules as completed/incompleted unless it's a test.  Completed means viewing every slide so using the tracking, we've resolved that issue for our learners!