Courses with two Quizzes


I've created a course which branches into 2 separate sections each ending with a quick quiz. The pass rate for the course is 100%   - the user can pass either of the quizzes to pass the course. 

I have a graded results slide at the end of each quiz but am having problems getting the course to report properly. One section results in a pass on our LMS but the other isn't producing a result at all. Both results slides are set up in the same way with the relevant questions ticked for each to be included in the final score. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help please?

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LMS's require one single master assessment. To get around this, I've used something I call a ghost assessment. Your existing quizzes can be used to control variables which in turn can be used to answer questions on a hidden master assessment.  This hidden ghost assessment passes the results to the LMS.   You can read more about it here. Link to Post