CPR interaction - clicking a picture to go to the correct speed

Apr 10, 2017

Dear community,

I have been given the following quest. Can you make the following?

Q:Have the student click the button to change the picture, but they must click at the right speed. 

Goal: Making the student understand the correct speed of CPR. 

Clients  wants for slide:

1. Student click mouse at the correct tempo to understand the correct temp and they understand the fast speed needed for CPR. 

2.  With increase of speed, a heart in the corner of slide turns from red to yellow to green.

3.  With the click of the mouse a picture of an EMT moves to have a chest goes up and down. 

Any thoughts, articles, youtube for me to look at?

Thanks for guidance.




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Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Dear Michael and Lauren,

Thanks for your reply. It was at a certain interval. The Client want to impress rapid / hands only cpr compression. They want them to understand just how fast how compression must be when you are trying to get to stayin alive. 

Another thought I had last night was the following:

Since rapidly clicking the mouse can only lead to trigger failure on either their or my failure what about moving a slider to 3 states 1 the heart is one color (thinking of it or shriveled) and beating slow, yellow med and fast to green or a healthy heart?

Would this be a better learning tool? If the other is not possible?


Phil Mayor

I would create a timer using layers where the layer is 1 second long and closes itself at the end.

Then create button that adds one to a variable each time you press it. On the layer that is your timer add a trigger to check the value of your variable,

if it is equal to 10 show a well done notice

Less than 10 say speed up

More than 10 say slow down

Then reset the value of the variable to 0 using a trigger and add a final trigger to show the layer when the timeline ends.

I am sure I can build a demo to show this if it would help


Lauren Franza

I created a demo on my lunch break of how you could have a guided practice slide where they click along (but it doesn't do anything) and the button lights up for each compression that is supposed to occur.

Then the next slide is a "test" where they can listen to a song (perhaps an instrumental version of Stayin' Alive) and have to click the button at the correct pace.

At the end of the song (or after an appropriate, designated number of seconds), a layer appears telling them what the correct range of compressions was and what their actual chest compression number was.

The only thing you'd have to do is multiply it out to see... "if I only have 20 seconds on a song, then ActualUserCompressions x 3 = NumberThatWouldOccurInOneMinute...versus IdealUserCompressions"

It's not beautiful, but it shows you the idea. The little red dot doesn't blink correctly so you should play around until it's 1 red beat about every 1.5 seconds or whatever it ends up being with the real song's tempo.


Maybe I will make a pretty version and clean it up some to be usable by someone out there!

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