CrazyTalk Avatars


I am trying to take a video that I created in CrazyTalk, remove the background so it is transparant, and put it into my eLearning course to act as a narrator.  I tried the trial version of Reallusion's popVideo converter & that will remove the background but then I need to get the .popVideo or .iwidget file converted into flv or f4v format. The Reallusion forums are doing nothing for me. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!!

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Helena Froyton

Hi Molly,

Sorry but I won't be able to help you with your question, since I have not used CrazyTalk yet, but I do plan on giving it a try.  Could you tell me a little about your experience using CrazyTalk?  Was it difficult to create an avatar?  Does it take a long time to create one?  Have you used other programs such as Alterego before and how do they compare with CrazyTalk?  I appreciate your input.  Thanks!

Molly Brown

Hi Helena,

I haven't used any other programs such as Alterego. CrazyTalk is REALLY difficult to learn (in my opinion). I'm getting pretty good at creating my own characters, inserting audio (which makes their mouth automatically move accordingly), puppeteer the head while they talk, and have them shift positions while standing. What I can't figure out is how to make them walk & move around! No clue - it's exhausting just attempting it. And I only know how to shift their positions using the pre-defined poses and those are kind of funky looking sometimes. I got the standard version so I didn't pay much at all and I think it was worth it,but I can't even come close to tapping into the full potential because it's so exhausting to learn it.

Molly Brown

I have CrazyTalk Animator Standard. You can get the Pro version and the big difference for me is that Pro would allow me to puppeteer a full body and Standard won't. For example, I have a Hippo that was drawn here in my office and I was able to take a picture of it, put into CrazyTalk and make it talk with eyes, teeth - the who thing. But she's sitting behind a desk while she's talking because I can't make her body move. You can make the built-in characters move but not if you are taking a whole new body. I hope that makes sense. So for me, that was the biggest difference. So far, I haven't seen much of a need to use the Pro version. I use the humans already preloaded and then put my own heads on them. (The tricky part is changing their clothes - I  still need to master that!)