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Aug 22, 2015

Hello Designers!!!

I need some advice please... For weeks I've been trying to build my own portfolio and I couldnot find the best way to do it and start it... I check. Worldpress and Godaddy  and I couldn't upload any storyline or articulate file to it. I ve  downloaded Moodle to my PC and I couldn't run anything.  I really want to create my portfolio and have the choice to launch my courses from it... Can anyone give some advice or guide me to achieve this goal. Btw today I contacted Moonami a learning solutions company but You need to pay a lot of money to create your website.  

Is any chance of a discount for Articulate online?  Thanks a lot

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Harry!

The easiest way is to find a host you like that understands and supports (NOT Your new host will then provide you with server space where you can upload portfolio pieces to your heart's content.

To create your Wordpress site there are a gazillion free (and paid) templates you can use that will have you up and running in no time. Then you can take your time and see what you like and figure out how you want to set it up without having to pay someone a lot of money to create it for you right off the bat.

Regarding hosts, you can skim this thread where I asked for recommendations awhile back. You'll find some solid hosting sites mentioned by some solid Articulate users. :) 

Best of luck to you!

Ryan DeWitt

This depends on your web skills Harry. For my consulting site I use for hosting and free Wordpress (WP) , the Learndash LMS for WP with the Enfold theme, and can upload course all day long with the Cyberduck FTP app. 

However, I usually make demo movies out of my Storyline files vs. the Published ones for Portfolio use.

Let me know if you need anymore help. 

Mark Dawdy

Harry - There's been some great advice so far on this post.  I have been building web sites for clients and my sites for over 15 yrs, helping small businesses find cheap, effective solutions.

Recently, I switched services to .  They have great services, not as intrusive as GoDaddy, better priced, and very user friendly, which I haven't found with the big boys.

You are going to need to be able to learn techno jargon and be comfortable with doing behind the scene things, as mentioned by Ryan (appreciated his response and example). Like using an FTP client, making and using folder structures, files, etc. (like in the excellent demo provided by David above)

You can go straight to a Wordpress site, with their hosting, or, use a Wordpress site with a hosting service, like webhostinghub, or others, like GoDaddy, ICDSoft as mentioned above. Most hosting services offer free Wordpress use and help with their service/site. There are hundreds and thousands of Wordpress templates for free.

Luckily, thanks to the outstanding job articulate does in helping the community and providing this site - you can provide some of your work here.

You can also post to Google drive and Dropbox for others to view.

If you're looking for easy-to-use web design software, Adobe has Muse, Xara makes Web Designer, Serif makes WebPlus, and Netobjects Fusion is good too.

Good luck,


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