Create Pop-up boxes in Studio 9

Hi All,

Though you can build pop-up boxes in Storyline, many of us are still using Studio 9 and face migration constraints.

Here is a unique workaround for creating pop-up boxes in Studio 9.

Let me start with the actual requirement - A user must click on something (text/ images) to see a pop-up message. Now, this can be a Note or an Additional Learning. Though Powerpoint supports pop-ups (by using 'triggered animations'), there is no direct way to import the same functionality in Articulate Studio 9. Even if you try to insert flash file, you need to ensure the action script version is 2.0 or less.

So, after watching -, i started to think why not try something like this?

Here is the way i built my pop-ups in Articulate:

1)      Create a individual ppt slide with all ryour equired popup actions. You may use the 'Custom Animation' feature with Triggers to have your text boxes/ images appear on click of the required text. Preview the slide for functionality.

2)     Import this slide into either Captivate 6 or Flash. Simply publish the slide as an 'Swf'. No need to do anything else. (You must remove unwanted 'Click' layers and the player skin populate by Captivate. I don't know about Flash though). Insert the index.htm file as a ‘web object’ in Articulate as shown in the above link.

      If captivate 6 – add an index.htm as per the above link. 

      If you are using Studio 13 - You can directly insert the swf file as Studio 13 supports action script 3.0.

3) Preview and publish in Articulate Studio 9. It works!

Hope this is helpful!

- The Profound Guy

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