Create your own matching drag and drop

Hi heroes,

I want to create my own matching drag and drop quiz question. The thing I am having a hard time with is how to make it work like the set template one does. How do I get the matching answers to move up/down to the free space when the answers are re-ordered?

For example, if there are 5 answers, and the user moves the top answer to the number 5 spot, all the other 4 answers should move up 1 space. 

If anyone has a template in Storyline 2 that would be great.

Thanks, Lauren.

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Kendra Kernen

Hi Lauren. Doesn't look like you got any responses to your inquiry, so I was wondering if you had any luck in creating one of your own. I'm interested in a similar template if anyone has one to share. The built-in Matching Drag and Drop in SL2 doesn't work for me, primarily because I can't adjust the size of the text boxes. The functionality is what I need, but with the amount of text I have, it's just unworkable (see attachment). I'm willing and able to create one, but it takes time and I was hoping there was a template available to use as a starting point.

Lauren Andrews

Hi Kendra, I have had to go the short cut route and created a drag and drop instead of the matching. I have not had time to create a matching drag and drop. I can't use the built-in version as one cannot change the colours or the shapes of the boxes. Let's hope they update this function at some point. If you do get around to making a matching drag and drop interaction, it would be great if you shared it with the community, as I have read that others are having the same issues.