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Jeff Kortenbosch

I love how there are so many ways to do this. I would not have thought of using states but would use layers instead. Nice one Paul.

The video is also very professional. Which tools did you use to create it?

@Trina, agree with the labor intensity. Add customizable scrollbars to the feature request list for the next version of Storyline.

Michael Hinze

There is one more option to consider: If you don't want the greyish style of a standard scrolling panel and don't feel like creating an object with many custom states, you can try two sliders instead. One is the interactive 'scroller' and the other is a slider with a custom thumb used to vertically move something (in my example an image, it could also be text saved as an image). See here a quick example that only required two sliders and two triggers.

Michael Hinze
LaRue Martin

Hi Michael! I just came across this post and LOVE the vertical scroller you created here! Can you post a source file or detail how this was done? 


See attached the source file. I have't looked at this in a long  time, but it should be pretty self-explanatory. If you do have questions, you can always post them here.