Creating a moving timeline

Jun 22, 2011

Hello eLearning Community,

I was trying to create a timeline with pictures on it and wanted to animate the timeline to make it appear like it's moving... I was able to create the timeline using insert shapes and images, but I want the focus to shift on the event at hand by using the "moving timeline" effect.

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Ron Price

Here are a couple of thoughts . . . I am sure there are a lot of creative solutions in the community . . . but You could very easily create spotlights in PPT or Annotations to highlight sections of your timeline.  Also, you may want to consider running your timeline larger than the slide real estate, saving it as and object, and then you can use motion paths to move the timeline elements into view. . . similar to a carousel effect.

Robert Kennedy


I looked at your mockup but am not totally clear what you want to accomplish.  Do you want it just moving from left to right or right to left or do you want something like a zoom to take place when the specific item is being referenced?  In either case, it looks like you can accomplish what you need via a series of motion paths in combination with some other emphasis effects.  Let me know exactly what you are looking to do and I believe I or someone else can help you a little bit better.

Lana Dabboussy

Thanks everyone for your ideas!

Robert, I wanted my timeline to move from left to right and as it is moving I wanted to create a spotlight on an event and talk about it in more detail, while the rest of the information is set in transparent or something. I could definitely use Jeanette's idea for this, though. Thanks again!

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Caesar - regarding creating a timeline in Storyline, an easy way to do that would be with markers. This screencast shows an example (skip to about 2:10 to see the timeline demo). If you need more details about inserting or editing marker content, check out this tutorial.

Another idea would be to create your own clickable buttons on the slide and use triggers and layers to reveal a different layer each time the learner clicks on a timeline item. If you need help with that, feel free to start a new post in the Storyline forum with a little more info about what you're wanting to build, and the community can help.

John David - I'm sorry, I don't think I have a clear picture about what you are asking. Can you say a little more about what you mean by "live updates"?

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