Creating a pricing estimator in Storyline...very stuck.

Jun 01, 2012


I want to try to create an price estimator/calculator in Storyline.  Each category will have multiple levels--and each level would need to add the cost of the previous levels.  For example, if I'm buying a car, I can choose from various models.  From the models, I can choose various trim options (i.e., leather, fabric, fake leather). And depending on which they picked, the prices would change. So each level would add to the previous level.

Did I make any sense? Probably not

Any help would be appreciated.  I'm stuck on where to even begin.

Thanks Articulate!


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Colin Eagles

Hey Jay,

If I understand you correctly, I think that variables are what you're looking to use here.  You'll just need a variable for the total cost and you'll need to add to it.

I've quickly thrown together a couple slides to show you what I mean.  It's slightly different than the "add" to that I discussed above; but it added a challenge (for myself) and that was to allow you to go back and tweak options while keeping a "running total".

Hope it helps get you on the right track.

Link to Example


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