Creating a Results page from multiple slides?

I am hoping an expert an assist in what I am trying to accomplish. I want the user to have the ability to print or email results from a number of different text entries, multiple choice and agree/disagree from numerous slides. They all need to generate on hopefully what is one page. The results page should make sense when they print or save for their records. I am not a wizard at using all the variable and codes - though I did test a few components. The results sheet needs context as well - for example when they complete the anticipation guide (agree/disagree) and make their selection - The results should have the title of the section - the question that was asked - and their answer. I do not really need scoring or to determine if they are right or wrong - just a nice log of what they did during the course.
Same with the text entry fields. As of now this is not going to be inserted in an LMS. I also attached with the project, the Workbook -which is kind of what the user should be able to print out (with their answers).

I of course am facing a quick turn around so any direct support would be super appreciated.

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Nicholas

I would build using custom questions, as this will give you complete control over your 'result' slide.  This is made particularly easy if you're not trying to pass the results to LMS.  

Please see attached for an example.  NB: the print button is thanks to Owen Holt from his player hacks post.

Hope this works for you.  Cheers Christine

Nicholas Messiah

Thank you for the support. Some of the working around to get the module to print is very difficult. Would it be possible for you to review my project and figure out why the print button and email button are not doing anything?

The client I am helping in which this project is a Pilot. They without an LMS but want the responses to be printed or emailed until they have an LMS to capture information.

I tried to take one of the projects referenced and build it in my module. So I either missed some code or perhaps this feature is not intended to work offline. In addition to result pages, I tried to added a Print Page actions next to the Resources Tab on the player as a fall back. Also not working. I am way behind in delivering this to my client. Immediate assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Can I send over the latest version of my project?

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