Creating an interactive e-flipbook


I am trying to create an interactive e-cook-book/flipbook which will have the following features:

  • 6 categories (e.g. beverage, Appetizers, Entrees, Dessert, Misc. etc)
  • Each of these categories would have individual items (could house 10-60 items)
  • Users should be able to click on any individual item and view each item description in separate page  (containing text, audio, video)
  • Also, users will be able to navigate to each category anytime

Do you have any recommendations for a specific software?
The software should have the bandwidth to hold huge data and be accessed online.

Many thanks

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David Tait

Other than satisfying your personal preference (your project so that's fine!), adding the flip animation to such a large amount of info might not really add anything to your content. Personally if I was using your resource I would prefer the directness of a website.

That said, I found this: and this: that might be of interest.