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Hey e-Learning Heroes...

I'm back in the job search again, after being downsized from my job that I LOVED developing Storyline training modules. I'd like to publish some of my work to a website, but not sure how to do that so that others can watch it? Do I need to have a LMS? Do I need to use a program where I have to enroll people? Or can I publish and post to a regular website so anyone can watch it? Can anybody give me a little direction on this?


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sam f

Thanks Andrew & Jerson for your comments.. Andrew: I am not missing files, but knowledge on how to hide the supported sub-directory for the story.html and my question :Is there any way to hide and not showing the sub-directory (story_content) and don't allow ppl to download?(I used to have all embded in flash file and i understood it is not possible in storyline)rgds

Chris Godber

I my estimation i'd say if you really want to impress with your portfolio , download and learn about Wordpress or similar content management system - Joomla / Drupal etc and learn a bit of HTML and CSS, maybe PHP if you are feeling brave haha. Though to be honest if you buy / find a decent Wordpress template you probably aren't going to have to mess with code that much anyway. Wordpress is good because it's extremely modular , you can download plugins, mostly for free which provide functionality at the click of the button.

If I was going to design a portfolio myself i'd probably set up a Wordpress child theme, plugin what functionality I needed and then make sure content was top notch, with relevant keywords etc for SEO. 

In terms of hosting you can get lots of hosts who provide one click Wordpress installs , so you don't even have to play around  with mySQL and FTP.

This book is worth checking out if the Wordpress route appeals -

I wouldn't personally use services like weebly if I was going to build a portfolio site, they tend to have a standardised look and feel,  also with a bespoke website you can customise (within reason) the website to have whatever functionality you want and just generally have more control over how things are presented, it would be ok for some sites I guess though.

Amy Sloane

Andreas Aposto said:

Dear Gina,

My suggestion is to built your e-learning portfolio using in

It is simple, easy, fast and FREE

You will be able to add various formats of e-learning content in addition to Articulate Storyline.

Good luck


Hi Andreas,

To post e-learning samples (Captivate, Articulate) on Weebly, do you need to have the work published as an SWF? Is there any way to post work published for Web or LMS? I have some work samples from older versions of software that are no longer available to me, that I unfortunately did not publish as an SWF file.

Thanks for your help!