Creating Antitrust course

Feb 22, 2013

I am working on an antitrust course and i am trying to figure out how to explain or create a scenario for 6 different types of violations,  price fixing, bid rigging, market or customer allocation, artificial limitations, exclusive dealing arrangements and tying arrangements.  has anyone created an antitrust course and how did you explain or any ideas on how to explain these violations.    I was thinking about having 6 different dialogs between two competitors that are in the same town but not sure.  any ideas. 

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Todd Thornton

Fair Fight has lesson plans and some old antitrust cartoons. This is mainly for younger students, but you could watch the film/review transcript for ideas. Then and now scenario using cartoons is a good strategy for this topic, because you get the background of why we have the laws in the first place. (not that they've really eliminated anti-competitive practices)  


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