Creating Assessment Questions for Step-by-Step Training

Hello friends.

I am having a devil of a time attempting to create assessment questions for a series of modules I created.  The training is for a new software for the company I am working for which all the employees need to know how to manipulate.  Modules which give step-by-step procedures on how to perform key tasks have been created and implemented.  However I have been ask to create assessment questions to add to the modules to test the user's knowledge of what they have learned.  My dilemma is how do you create an effective assessment for a procedure which walks the user through where to click in a specific sequence in order to complete the desired task?  My thoughts is that is they are learning a procedure of clicking items in a specific sequence, then the only way to test them is to basically have them duplicate the sequence just learned.  I find this impractical and not likely to be very effective.  Anyone else run into a similar problem?  If so how do you deal with it? Thanks!

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Julie Stelter

Hi Wilson,

The most authentic assessment that you could achieve in Storyline is what you describe here. "The only way to test them is to basically have them duplicate the sequence just learned." I think you could produce this relatively easily through a drag and drop exercise of screen shots, for example. Think of ways to reuse the content slides and screenshots to create an assessment.

And even more authentic exercise would be to have them perform a task on the actual software. This would have to be assessed outside the LMS, so it may not be practical. I think both methods could be effective assessment.

You are not alone in finding difficulty in assessing application through eLearning. If you don't think the assessment will be effective, then create FAQs that the employee can use at the time of need. These can be mini-modules created form the current course and that could be accessed outside of the LMS for easier access.



p.s. Do you work in Milwaukee? I work in Cedarburg. 

Wilson Santiago

Hi Julie.

Thank you for chiming in.  You actually read my mind as I was thinking of a drag and drag assessment.  They could then move the steps into the proper order.  The second suggestion already exist within the module thanks to  the  step-by-step Tryit function in Storyline 2, so that has already been incorporated into the module.  


P.S. I am not in Milwaukee, but work in Lake Forest, Illinois. Not far from the Wisconsin border!

Tristan Hunt

Perhaps look at turning the initial learning into short demo/explainer videos and then modifying the scenario slightly for the test so that the learner does the practice in assessment.

Ie: video show selecting 8 of widget A and practical test is selecting 6 of widget B

Are you only teaching the how or are you also teaching the why things are done in certain ways, business rules etc? These you could create assessment questions for.


Wilson Santiago

Hi Tristan.  The initial learning is in a demo video and a step by step try-it mode as well.  We are only teaching how to perform specific tasks, not why they are done, etc.  This really limits my options.  Here are two formats I have created so far.


Bob S

Suggestions above are the best answers. If you need additional question types  to flesh things out, consider pulling out pieces of the procedure to ensure they understand where they fit..

Multi-choice - Which of the following would follow the XYZ step in the process?

Hot Spot - Read the scenario and click where the you would go next in the procedure?

T/F - Step DEF always follows step ABC

Tristan Hunt

Is there any reason step 3 has to be done before step 4 for instance? Could you write some questions quizzing the reason why they do them in a certain order?

Or if it is really just simple processes with only a few steps do you even need a quiz at all? Could you just use the try it out as a quiz to demonstrate knowledge learnt from the video?

Off topic but your sample was quite small which means the detail was hard to see. What end systems will the learner be using and have you looked at optimising the player size to suit?



Wilson Santiago

Hi Tristan.

The nature of this training is how to have the learners perform specific job-related tasks in the software being installed.  This training is not a deep understanding of the "why" but rather a"how" type of training. This is the reason why Step-by-Step video mode was used to take the videos created by the SMEs and walking the user with the exact sequence on how to perform specific job-related tasks.  The end user is only concerned with getting their specific function completed.  Those are the parameters.  The decision to add a quiz has been given to us so that is not negotiable.

As for the player size this is still in development stage so I have not optimized it yet.