Creating Certificates in Storyline

Apr 15, 2014

The team that I work with has received multiple requests to have a certificate available for the student to print upon successful completion of training that we developed in Storyline.  The students are accessing our Articulate On-Line account and they are located all around the world in cities, rural areas, and jungles.

After searching the E-Learning Heros community, we discovered that generating a certificate could not easily be done with a Storyline presentation.  So... we came up with our solution (work around) to satisfy the customers and we want to share it with all of you in case you can use it too. 


Create a certificate. (I created one in Word.)

.pdf the certificate.

Add fields (Adobe Acrobat 9) (Forms/Add or Edit Fields) for the student to enter their name, date and score if necessary. Click on the button below to view.

Save the file to dropbox.


Create a quiz.

On the results slide:

Success layer - insert a "Certificate" button to allow the student access to the .pdf certificate created above.

With the "Certificate" button selected:

Add trigger

Jump to URL/File

Copy and paste the URL for the dropbox file above.

Note: If a < and > symbol appear on each end of the pasted URL, delete them.

For this example, the student would need to enter their name, date and score.

Click on the attached file to see how the Storyline course is organized.  Then publish to see how it plays out.

Hope this helps someone!  And, of course, I'm open for suggestions.  :)

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