Creating closed captioning with a lightbox


I am trying to add close captioning in a different way.  Not with layers, not as an extra tab in the player.

So I though to use the lightbox functionality. So I have a box with CC and when clicking on it, it opens the lightbox were I would store my text/script.  Only problem, I have no idea where to edit the lightbox or add text to it. 

Where can I edit the lightbox or add things to it? 

Do you recommend this way of doing closed captioning or will it create issues, that I don't know about yet?

I am currently using Storyline 2.

Any help is greatly welcomed!

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W Gill

The lightbox is basically a slide.  You create a trigger the shows a lightbox but you have to point the trigger to the individual slide.  

You trigger would look like this...

Action: Lightbox slide (with or without navigation controls)

Slide: (what ever slide it is)

When: User clicks

Object: (your button, box, character, etc)

When Storyline "sees" that you want a lightbox, it will create that slide to place over your content or video and an exit button.  Keep in mind, the lightbox will cover the majority of your content.  So if you're showing a video, it will be covered up.  

Depending on the amount of captioning you need to do, you might have a small or large number of slides "floating" in the project.  However, I would recommend against using lightbox slides closed captioning.

I have just created a project where I saved the .srt files from a video and then use those as the closed captions.  They show up rather nicely at the bottom of the video that I use.

Good luck


Nancy Woinoski

I agree with W Gill. Using a light box is not the way to go for closed captioning because the lightbox will cover all the content on your slide.

There are a number of different ways you can create closed captioning in Storyline 2. 

Take a look at this old post from the Rapid Elearning blog. It describes a number of different methods you could use.